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PPTA Pipeline

2013 Virginia PPTA Project Pipeline

The Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships (OTP3) is pleased to release the final 2013 Virginia PPTA Project Pipeline document. 

This year’s 2013 Virginia PPTA Project Pipeline contains information about achievements in 2012, both project and program-specific.  The document also presents what could become, with stakeholder input, our next generation of PPTA investments for Virginia.

Ten candidate and ten conceptual PPTA projects were originally identified in the draft Pipeline document. The potential projects represent regional priorities and present the opportunity for private sector innovation and investment.  An additional two projects were added, one each to Candidate and Conceptual projects through the comment period.

Projects may be candidates for delivery via the PPTA once aspects of business and financial suitability are further developed in 2013. Conceptual projects identify potential diverse multimodal opportunities for private sector partnerships with the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority, the Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as more traditional roadway and transit concepts through the Department of Transportation and Department of Rail and Public Transportation.

Draft PPTA Pipeline

Final PPTA Pipeline

PPTA Pipeline Webinar for Industry – Monday July 22, 2013 

PPTA Comments & Responses – 25 comments were received before end of the comment period on August 1, 2013:  Comments and Responses


2012 PPTA Pipeline

The joint efforts of the Secretary of Transportation, the OTP3, Virginia Transportation agencies, as well as numerous stakeholders has resulted in the effective alignment of program, financial, and business resources in Virginia to support efficient delivery of P3 projects. 

The critical next step in 2012 will be identifying, selecting, and prioritizing candidate P3 projects across all modes of transportation.  This will create the first “Pipeline” of potential P3 projects that will be assessed from a financial and business standpoint by the OTP3 to evaluate suitability and feasibility for procurement under the PPTA. 

PPTA Pipeline - PPTA Pipeline Documentation (PDF, 798 KB)

PPTA Pipeline Webinar for Industry - Thursday June 28, 2012 at 1:30pm.  Click here for recording of the webinar presentation.  Click here for a PDF copy of the presentation.

PPTA Webinar Questions & Responses - Questions Responses June 2012 Pipeline (PDF, 348 KB)


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